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Quality Fibreglass waterfall sections

~Hand made~

Hand finished sections of waterfall
You will be purchasing  sections of waterfall... builds up to 8 foot waterfall
One section measures 23 inches long and 18 inches wide rising to 3-4 inches

  • Natural rock Slate and sand blended with polyester resin
  • Strong and durable sections
  • installation leaflet provided
  • Fitted with a multi-hosetail 13mm - 38mm
  • Fits pipe size 13 mm up to 38mm
  • Feels like real rock

-----------Did you know------------

  • Sections are fitted individually by simply bedding into sand and cement and landscape
  • Waterfalls will weather in time... to clean the waterfalls if needed simply jet wash to restore original finish
  • Stones and rocks can be placed in the waterfalls to help tune the sound of the water
  • Waterfalls are designed to be overlapped to create longer waterfalls
  • Fitting guide supplied with waterfalls



One section measures 23 inches long 18 inches wide and has a fall of around 3-4"
available from one section up to five
One section 23 inches long
Two sections 40 inches long fall 7-8 inches
Three sections 57 inches long - fall 11-12 inches
Four sections 74 inches long- fall 15-16 iches
Five sections 91 inches long- fall 19-20 inches
we also supply pondless kits for this item please email for price and details

Please note delivery for this item 5-10 days



19 Design Waterfall set

  • Please note in the event you find that waterfalls are faulted or you may just want to return them don't worry our 30 day return policy will allow buyers to return purchases hassle free.

    Buyers must pay for return of purchased items 

    Faulted goods will be returned at orion mouldings cost.

  • All products are subject to shipping costs which will be added at checkout 

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