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German E-Boat model boat kit


This is a scratch build semi kit based on the plan for S9 by Vic Smeed a free plan is included and a CD containing many pictures of the build.

Containing an extensive number of fittings and materials to build the boat pictured, construction materials included are metal fittings, plastic fittings, timber and platicard all ropes and wires everything to build the model boat pictured.

  Listed below are some of the components included in the kit 

  • Deck templates & Deck Materials
  • Fibreglass hull 42 inches long
  • Detailled white metal fittings
  • Full range of plastic fittings
  • CD and plan 
  • All  rigging and railing fittings
  • Torpedo tubes and torpedos
  • Life rafts
  • Cockpit and all deck furniture
  Not included - running gear paints figures and decals

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