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Slate effect Waterfall section 42 Three sections


Quality Fibreglass waterfall sections

~Hand made~

Three section waterfall

Each section is hand finished and unique

  Slate effect waterfall made from polyester resin giving a durable long lasting rock like waterfall

installation leaflet provided

Fitted with a multi-hosetail up to 13mm- 38mm for easy pipe fitting

 ---------did you know-------

Sections are fitted indivdually by simply bedding into sand/cement overlap and landscape

waterfalls will weather in time... to clean the waterfalls if needed simply jet wash to restore original finish

stones can be placed in the waterfalls to help tune the sound of the water

---------------------------------------- ----------------

One section measures 42 inches long 25 inches wide (projection) has a fall of around 5"

Three sections overlapped build over a four foot waterfall (see pictures)

we also supply pondless kits for this item please email for price and details

All delivery times within 7 working days delivery trackable and insured

Any questions please ask

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