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Rustic Stone 34 two sections




Fibreglass Waterfall Design 34 two sections



Made using crushed stone and sand to give a unique rock like feel,Tough and long lasting, these features are overlapped to create a water course of up to 5 foot , the waterfalls are supplied as separate units measuring 34 inches long and 24 inches wide a 9" fall.... this feature will rise to 18 inches, designed for both fast flowing and gentle flowing water cascades.


  • Waterfalls can be fitted at any angle to create corner features straight and angled features left and right
  • Recommended max capacity 1000lph-6000lph
  • Fitting guide included
  • Available colour scheme Rustic Stone
  • Fitted with easy fit pipe connectors 13mm - 38mm
  • Postage for this item is free for mainland UK

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